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We practice Sitting, Walking, and Chanting meditation.


Sitting is the activity of stillness, of looking directly into the nature of the mind. We sit for periods of 30 minutes. There are many postures appropriate for sitting practice—including using cushions or using a chair.


Walking offers the opportunity to take the mind of practice into motion and movement, bridging the gap that can arise between experience on and off the cushion.

Chanting is a practice consistent worldwide among contemplative traditions. When we chant, the singular voice interacts and merges with the group voice. Chant sheets are provided.


Our Sunday Practice consists of opening with Chanting, then Sitting for two periods of 30-minutes each with a Walking period in between.


Please arrive ten minutes early, so that you can settle into your seat before we start practice promptly at 9:00.


Although dress is casual and comfortable, clothing is an element and expression of the meditation experience. Subdued colors and modest attire are most supportive of practice.

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